Express audit


We visually check the level of the article and give improving recommendations we also check the details, cross-links, references, evaluate the style, structure, and clarity of the work. Our audit experts are delving deep into the essence of the scientific paper, identifying its height and weak points to achieve your best results!

Our scientific paper expert evaluation performed by our specialist within 5 days is an effective way to reduce t publication time significantly. Prestigious scientific journals from the Scopus and Web of Science lists can consider the applications for publication for months. In case of a refusal as a result of the review the publication may expand in time or not happen at all. Authors of scientific papers are highly welcome to take from our advantages:

• We match international standards and the requirements of the editorial boards of high impact-factor scientific journals;

• Paper audit is conducted by experts specializing in the subject area within scope of your scientific work;

• Paper audit includes a detailed analysis of your scientific work and ends with the form of a table with revision recommendations.