Thorough support process

Writing of a high-quality scientific paper requires lots of effort and time. Vishu Incorporation aims to provide the best service and support to scientists from all over the world to help them share their results with colleagues from the world scientific community.

Experienced team

Our experts provide full and thorough support of the publication process with WOS and SCOPUS indexed journals to ensure not only publication itself but also a high level of subsequent citation. Having strong and longlasting cooperation with our partner journals helps us to provide authors with a timely and quality academic publication.


Make sure your research will take its worthy place in the world scientific community Our team helps experienced and notice scientists with thorough revisions, translation, proofreading, and all other required pre-publishing processes to ensure publication in WOS and SCOPUS indexed journals of author’s choice.


Individual selection.
Of an edition for publication taking into account your requirements for quartile/percentile/impact factor of the journal and the scientific code of the discipline.

Indexation guarantee

For a journal in the Scopus citation database.

Execution of Your Paper

In accordance with the requirements of the selected journal.

Full paper support

Up to its indexation in the Scopus citation database.

Internet link

To the published paper and/or its pdf version.

Paper indexing control

On the official Scopus website.

Information support

And customer notification.


Papers Published


Express audit

There are certain rules that are implanted to papers sent to the editorial boards of scientific journals. All scientific articles must comply with international standards adopted by relative scientific authorities, citation databases and editorial houses. To increase your publication chances, order our express audit service for your scientific work. One of our experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis evaluating on dozens of parameters and form a check-list of proposals for improving the logic structure and wording, spelling and other aspects.


Subject area

• 1000 General
• 1100 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
• 1200 Arts and Humanities
• 1300 Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
• 1400 Business, Management and Accounting
• 1500 Chemical Engineering
• 1600 Chemistry
• 1700 Computer Science
• 1800 Decision Sciences
• 1900 Earth and Planetary Sciences
• 2000 Economics, Econometrics and Finance
• 2100 Energy
• 2200 Engineering
• 2300 Environmental Science
• 2400 Immunology and Microbiology
• 2500 Materials Science
• 2600 Mathematics
• 2700 Medicine
• 2800 Neuroscience
• 2900 Nursing
• 3000 Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
• 3100 Physics and Astronomy
• 3200 Psychology
• 3300 Social Sciences
• 3400 Veterinary
• 3500 Dentistry
• 3600 Health Professions

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